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Final results and stuff

So, the oral exam went okay, I survived and I passed the final exams with an overall A. I am pretty happy about that. :-)

Now I have to find a job and that is really difficult for a person with Social Anxiety and Asperger Syndrome. It really scares me, it is such a paralyzing fear. I feel like I am racing towards a concrete wall, I see the wall and I know I will hit it hard and that there will be a lot of pain, but I cannot avoid it, cannot do anything against it. What a strange feeling...

Anyway, I finally have time to play video games again and I managed to beat the Cave of Ordeals (Twilight Princess):-D


Don't be afraid. Until now things was good, you see? Everything gonna be alright in the future too. May be you'll even love your work, who knows ;)
yeah, who knows. But the start is very difficult.