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Going to London...

..next weekend. I am very excited, and also nervous. I am only going to be there for four days to visit a friend and I am flying there, alone. I never travelled alone, that is why I am so nervous, but I'm sure I will be fine...


You finally make your dream come true (well, small one)
Although I wish I can trip with you, I' pretty sure your be fine alone too.

Have a nice trip and bring lots of photos and sweet memories!
Have fun? Do you know what you will be seeing while there?
No, I have no idea yet. Any suggestions?
Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and St James' Park are all essential and next to each other.

The rest depends on what you want to see- Science Museum and Natural History Museum are good, as is the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

The London sightseeing tours are fun, on a warm day, and the London Eye gives you a good view of the skyline.

London Zoo gives you the natural history, although its quite small as Zoos go.

Borough Market if you want to taste good food, Bond Street or Oxford Street for mainstream shopping. Harrods and Hamleys are worth visiting even though the prices are unbelievable.

http://www.visitlondon.com/ is worth browsing, plus you get special offers and discounts.
Hope you have a safe trip! :D
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