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J. MacLean's Little Corner of the Universe

Everything is possible

J. MacLean
30 January 1980
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adventure games, astronomy, books, brendan fraser, broken sword, canada, care bears, chocolate, confusion, conventions, creative writing, curiosity, dana scully, david duchovny, daydreaming, dead like me, dean winchester, digital art, digital artwork, discworld, dr dorian, dreaming, dreams, early edition, elliot reid, english, fan art, fanart, fantasy, fedcon, formula 1, fox mulder, game boy advance, gameboy advance, gamecube, games, george stobbart, grim reaper, house md, imagination, indiana jones, intelligence, internet, jacques villeneuve, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, john dorian, jonathan frakes, jurassic park, laughing, lefties, link to the past, methos, my screwup, nanowrimo, napping, night, nintendo, ocarina of time, oracle of seasons, paranormal activity, paris/torres, philosophy, photoshop 7, physics, procrastinating, procrastination, rabbits, rain, rainy days, reading, riker, riker/troi, roch voisine, running my website, sacred heart hospital, sam neill, sam winchester, sarah chalke, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scotland, scrubs, shadow of the templars, silence, sleeping, snow, solitude, sonic, space, star trek, star trek movies, star trek tng, star trek voyager, stars, supernatural, terry pratchett, the last crusade, the legend of zelda, the lost ark, the minish cap, the mummy, the sleeping dragon, the smoking mirror, the x files, thinking, thoughts, thunder and lightening, thunderstorms, trekbbs, triforce, twilight princess, video games, wanting to learn, water, winchester brothers, wind waker, winter, writing, x-files, yim, zelda: twilight princess