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Anyone still remember me? lol

Didn't realize it had been that long since I last posted, but so much has happened.

I have my final exams next week and I should be studying right now, it's been very stressful the last few weeks, my father died and now my brother and I have to manage everything, funeral, his debts etc... I still don't understand why funerals are so expensive...


I'm sorry to hear about your father. :(

Good luck with your exams.
Thank you.

The people in my class are already planning on getting drunk when the exams are over, I'll probably join them, lol

I hope everything is going well for you
course I remember you!
sorry about your Dad!!!

I really missed this place, I am glad people remember me ;)
Thank you *HUGs*
Sorry about your dad... *hugs*
Hi and thanks,

haven't seen you in a long time
Hey there!

I'm so sorry about your father. :(

*hugs* thank you